EZFIND, Inc., is a Minnesota corporation is based in Lakeville along with its sister company Automated Assembly Corporation (AAC). EZFind was founded in 2003 and became the world’s first Internet-based lost-and-found. When we began, it was our goal to reunite people with their everyday items and things they love. We built a system of numeric labels and tags with bar codes that helped people find the owners of items that were lost. At that point in technology history, when a lost item was lost, it was lost until someone found it and now had an easier way to connect with the owner. It made finding the owner “easy” and we named the company EZFind. We combined the age-old value of honesty with the onset of the Internet. For years to follow, consumers enjoyed the peace-of-mind EZFind brought them. On a larger scale, small businesses and corporations used EZFind to catalog their inventory of fixed assets most commonly out in the field. In 2010, EZFind stepped away from this market to begin working on a replacement technology for its labels and tags. EZFind along with AAC focused on the development of near field communication (NFC) tags using proprietary design methods and flex technology. At the same time, both companies pursued specific design and methodology patents for making tags and incorporating the growing mobile phone, cloud and applications market. With many milestones met, EZFind is reentering the market as the world’s IOT World unfolds and grows at a rapid pace. EZFind today is the business that continues to deliver “peace-of-mind” by changing the traditional and reactive lost-and-found business to a world that’s always connected.Today, EZFind is “You. Your world. Connected.” ® Later this year, EZFind will reenter the market with a sophisticated system of electronic tags and mobile applications keeping you connected. The first products to the market will be a series of stand-alone NFC labels followed by an all-in-one Bluetooth connector with NFC.

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